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Season 2017-2018 Annual Campaign

NYBAF- The New York Black Arts Festival is a non profit organization based in Harlem of New York City. It enhances arts in education for young people in under-served communities across New York City, improving the life chances of children and young people by unlocking potential and journeying alongside them, as they INTERACT, LEARN and THRIVE. As part of New York Black Arts Festival we aim to INSPIRE, ASPIRE, EMPOWER and be INCLUSIVE.

Our youth theatre is entirely led by young adults. They choose the issues they feel passionate about, explore new art forms and produce and present performances that are innovative as well as interactive. Workshops are FREE for Young People to attend to learn the art of live theatre and presented in the classroom. 'SEASON 2017/18' features our upcoming youth theatre projects including "The Lion King Jr." and "A Christmas Carol" which encourages young people to experience the process of performing a scaled down major Broadway musical.  'A CHRISTMAS CAROL' will be performed in December 2017 in New York City. This seasons roster of shows will emphasize the importance of listening to Young People's voices in a world where they are often ignored in an inspired coming of age tale.

We also ask for your help with educational materials we would like to produce for the classroom in the form of colorful and visually stunning interactive multimedia E-Books and literature to educate young children on the importance of the contributions of African Americans in the arts (particular theater and music) creating an awareness and promoting its importance and historical significance into 21st century arts and culture. We need you to help us meet the costs of putting on an amazing production. As you can imagine it costs a huge amount of money to pay for the venue, copyright licenses costumes, set and technical equipment. Any donation will go a long way. Big or Small, the donation will make all the difference in supporting the Young People to put on a fantastic, innovative and engaging performance. As a thank you for your donation your name will appear on the program for the show. If you donate more than $20 your name will be added to the set of the show!

Serving school children through arts in education theater matinees in the city of New York!